Thursday, 6 February 2014

First draft cover

I chose to use a grey background for my front cover as my target audience thought it would be the most appropriate for my background. I chose a black box to put my magazine title in because it will make my title stand out more.
 I chose to use a red title in "impact" font as I think is the most appropriate for my magazine genre and also makes it different from other magazine fonts, it couldn't be mistaken for something else.
 I decided I would also put "one for the road" underneath "ofr" to show what my magazine stood for, I chose this title as although it represents a drink, it is also a famous song.
 I positioned my models in the middle of my screen and infront of the title as it is still clear what the magazine title is and it brings more of the attention to the models. I chose to keep the black, white and red theme through their clothes and asked them to wear these colours. I think this works well as it still looks individual yet stands for my magazine.
 I then added my sub title in the same font and colour and positioned it just below the middle of my screen so it is the first thing looked at when the magazine is picked up.
 I then added the caption under the title and a bar code
 I added the issue number and price into the box with my title so it is still visible but isn't taking over the page.
 I noticed there were parts I hadn't rubbed out on my box but I couldn't find out which layer they were from so I used the paint brush to cover the marks.

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