Thursday, 13 February 2014

Article step by step

 I chose to use photoshop instead of InDesign as I am more familiar with the tools and features in order to produce a quality article. I used a double page spread.
 I added my bands title and four different images underneath. I chose the images I did to show different sides of their personalities to represent my article. I carried through my theme by adding my title in red and sticking to my font.
 I added my article and my article introduction. I put my questions in a different colour to make them stand out against the answers. I also decided to put it in columns to stick to regular conventions of a magazines.
I decided to fill up the free space at the end of my article with an added feature. Many magazines either have competitions, fact files, extra information or downloads. I decided to add a competition as it ties in more with the article than a fact file would. I also added their social network pages as it is the most common way of finding bands and artists these days.

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