Thursday, 13 February 2014

Front cover step by step

 I started by cropping out the background of my image. I used the blur tool to go around the outside of the images, this was to make my image look like more of a part of the background so it had smoother edges from where it had been rubbed out. I used the image/adjustments/curves tool to increase the brightness of my photo. I then used the clone tool to hide blemishes, dark circles and to fill parts of Jacobs eyebrows to make it look as professional as I could. I also added a bar code as it a common convention of a magazine.
I added a white background as I tried many different colours yet they didn't look right therefore I stuck to white, it also follows my magazine house theme. I added my masthead too. I chose to use red, white and black as it was the most common response from my questionnaires. I chose the font "impact" as I think it looked best for my magazine.  I put this in the top left hand side of my page as that is where most titles are found and it would fit in on a stand with other music magazines.
I added a banner in black and added "free posters inside" as it is a common convention and it took up space that would have otherwise been left blank. I added an example of a poster inside my magazine to appeal more to the audience.
 I added three subtitles to show what is in the inside of my magazine. I put this in red to stick to the house theme.
I finally added my main article title and added a subtitle in order to appeal more to my target audience. This is a common convention of most magazines therefore I put it in red to again follow my house theme.

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