Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Photos I decided to use

 I like this photo as it is a natural photo. The facial expressions shown represent the easy going and unstructured flow of the article. I asked them to wear either black, white or both in order to try and stick to the house theme of my magazine. This helps them fit my magazine yet stand out at the same time. I asked Rebecca to stick to normal every day makeup as it looks more natural than if it was flamboyant, which is represented in my story.
 I like this photo as although it is posed it is also very casual. Their facial expressions are suitable for the easy going flow of my article. 
 I particularly like this photo as it is fun and completely unposed. It was taken mid dance and I believe it shows a different side to them as the other ones. I think i will use this photo on my article as it is inappropriate for my cover as Jacob isn't facing the camera and the shadowing/hair could be difficult to cut out therefore it will be easier to increase the contrasting to lighten the photo and use it with its background on my article.

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