Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Contents page step by step

 I kept the same background to keep the features throughout the magazine the same. I added red boxes for all of my titles to go into.
 I used NME as inspiration for my band index, I added this down the left hand side of my page so it isn't as bold. I also added a white box to put a screen shot of my front cover in  to advertise subscriptions.
I chose to put the sections of my magazine into the red boxes. I chose to make my font white so I could follow the house theme of my magazine, I needed to follow the same conventions of magazines already on the market.
I then added my photos. I chose to put a photo of my feature artists on to show which page they're on and then I chose two separate photos of models using different shots. I chose an up close photo of a model then a medium long shot of another to vary the photos I have. 

I added larger page numbers onto my images which is a common conventions of most magazines to show which are the features. I then added social network logos to the top of my page to reach out to a wider network.
I added all all of my article titles and page numbers under the subtitles around my page. I chose to keep the font white to stick to the house theme of my magazine. 
I added a subscription banner onto my page as this is a common convention of a magazine contents page. I stuck to the theme so I kept the white and red theme. 

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