Thursday, 6 February 2014

Proposal form

Ideas: I have chosen to make a rock/indie magazine that will contain already existing bands and a new band that will be featured on the front cover, contents page and article. I have researched examples of these magazines to find general conventions of what I intend to create.

Genre: I chose to create a rock/indie magazine as although there are several already on the market I believe there is a gap for the music I am choosing to feature as there are not many that divert from their main genre of music in order to promote new artists. There will be the theme of rock and indie throughout my magazine to keep to the conventions of a magazine.

Target Audience: I am aiming my magazine at 14-20 year old mixed gender as this will widen my audience and will appeal to more people. I intend to make it unisex by keeping a theme of black, red and white as this not only represents the genre of my magazine but it appeals to everybody.

Major Conventions: My magazine will follow the obvious conventions of a magazine, including things such as titles, subtitles, pictures, banners ect. This is so it looks professional.

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