Thursday, 3 April 2014

Answer 2

I think my magazine represents an indie/rock youth subculture. It will be read by teenagers between the ages of 14 and 20 who enjoy the music and bands being featured, they will probably read it to get the latest news on their favourite artists or to stay in the loop on what’s going in the genre. They will read it with friends most likely or share it with their friends once they have finished. It represents these as I chose to use models in the same age range wearing clothes that my audience are likely to wear. I also targeted these through the style of music and bands I chose.

It also represents working class boys and girls, it is affordable and it is aimed at both genders to read with each other and share the gossip and news. It could also be read by people outside my target class however I chose to aim it at working class kids as most magazines now are either too expensive or uninteresting for them. I created a product that will be affordable and intriguing for both male and female and I think the content represents this.

I think my article is both inspirational and aspirational. It shows two teenagers finally making it big after a struggle with drugs and alcohol at such a young age, many of my readers will be able to relate to this and if they see their idols pulling through and doing well for themselves. I chose to write my article about young artists as it will be more relatable for my audience and it will be able to inspire them to do the same or give them someone to aspire to. It will be able to help young people facing the same problems pull through and give people not facing the same problems information and someone to find inspirational. It appeals to a wider audience as it will reach their fans, people going through problems and other people wanting to find out more, I think including a bad past in any article will reach a wider audience within the target range. It will also reach aspiring edm artists, if they see other people their age making it big through YouTube and Soundcloud it will hopefully inspire them to try and do the same, they will think they can also do it if there are people who have been through a lot who can do it.

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