Monday, 25 November 2013

My Magazine Pitch

Our next task is to create our own music magazine. To start this task off we had to make our own pitch that will include typical music magazine conventions. After researching music magazines to find out more about their front covers, contents pages and feature articles as well as the information i have gathered on the typical features included in music magazines today and stereotypical conventions of a music magazine i have decided on the way i want to create my magazine.I've decided i want my front cover to include a high quality image with subtitles included on the bottom of the page. I will continue these conventions through to my contents page as well as my feature article. I will use Adobe Photoshop to create and edit my magazine to maintain a high quality piece of work. The genre of music i have decided to aim this magazine at is Pop/Indie/Rock. My primary target audience will be young males and females aged between 14-20 and my secondary target audience will be older males and females aged 20+

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