Thursday, 3 October 2013

Before starting my magazine, me and Rebecca went around the school to take several photos. I took photos of  classes, the building and the surrounding area. I chose blue and yellow as my theme as it is the same colour as the logo. I used a photo of Rebecca in front of the school entrance on my front cover to show my main headline, I thought the photo was relevant. I used other subtitles to show other stories within the magazine than might be of more interest to students. I have seen this theme throughout other magazines and it looks most appropriate.
I chose to use the same person on the contents as I did for the cover so there is a theme. I stuck to the same colour scheme and used a relevant photo. I made it a simple layout so it was easy to read for the younger years and I decided against adding extra photos so it wouldn't appear cluttered and used a longer border photo instead. I also chose to keep the back ground on the photo rather than cropping it out so it gives the page more of a natural feel.

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